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Your prized oriental rug is in good hands with us

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Friendly and professional cleaning

With top of the line equipment, both truck-mounted and portable, we can clean any carpet,

and lift any stain.

 •  Carpets

 •  Oriental rugs

 •  Durries

 •  Wool

 •  Area rugs

 •  Furniture upholstery

 •  Environmentally safe

Carpet cleaning experts

Our cleaning products are all certified environmentally safe.

When you call us you'll never have to worry about harsh chemicals damaging your health, or your rugs.


Do you suffer from chemical allergies? Our hypo-allergenic cleaning products will deliver the results that you're looking

for without any side effects.

Low-impact cleaning

Have your carpet

repaired now.

When you need your carpets repaired or cleaned then call us right away.

The longer you leave a stain, the harder it is to remove.

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